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I am a digital marketing manager working a 4A agency and share my work experience and insight here on China digital marketing. As the industry is facing rapid changes, I am always think that how we can as an agency become more proactive and responsive to the industry climate rather than being reactive, and I want to be the one who can move faster and go to market responses.

There will be some complete articles while you will also see a lot short titles and a brief random thoughts. As if you have interest with any topic, please contact me by the social icons up the pages or just leave a comment,and I will reply you through social apps or update the blog soon.
This site is written in Bilingual, however, very soon you will reconginze that I am a Chinese language speaker and Englsih is not my mother language. I appropriate your tolerance on on my China-English, and very glad to hear your advice on my sloppy English.
What’s more, it will be my pleasure to receive your message about any kind of potential business cooperation between us on Chinese digital marketing and language service; and give me a message when you are planning to visit Beijing city or what to learn any uptodate message of today China. I am sure this site will be a window for our friendship building.

Jackdeep Yan