Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine in the world. In the era of mobile Internet, mobile search Baidu response instructions up to billions of times everyday. The internet traffic is order of billions of scale and rapid growth. Faced with the rapid rise of mobile users, webmasters have the influx of constructive movement wave. Baidu believe in the idea of “user experience first” and orientate the user experience. Baidu publishes the standards of mobile friendliness to help owners build the web which matches mobile devices and provide the direction of movement construction. This time plans to publish the Standard V 1.0 about mobile friendly, and the follow-up is that we will continue to collect the feedback and publish mobile friendliness development guide as soon as possible which is in order to regulate and guide the constructing movement a web site.

The overview of Mobile Friendliness


When users click search results by Baidu on mobile phones, in addition to the extent of meeting the needs of the search results, the loading time, the experience on page view, the ease of using resources or functions and the adaptability about whether page Mets mobile terminal would influence satisfaction about mobile user experience. Baidu is committed to helping mobile users obtain a better browsing experience for mobile page, and mobile friendliness is an important evaluation factor.


This standard is aimed to tell the numbers owners how mobile pages are popular with users. Baidu also encourage owners to build pages from the point of users and is not only for search engines.


Website for user experience: page readability


The pages which are not accessible would be belonged to the Web Spam directly. Baidu will not waste resources on assessing the mobile friendliness about Spam pages. Readable page is the basis of measuring the mobile friendliness, which means that the users is able to catch sight of, to see clearly and understand the page. Readability page contains the several dimensions, including experience on loading speed, structure, browsing experience about page.


[The experience about page loading speed]


The effect of user experience on page loading speed has become more evident. The research from Baidu user experience portion shows that the page loading speed that users expect and acceptable is in less than three seconds. If the page load time is more than 5 seconds, 78% of users will lose patience and choose to leave. Page loading speed is an important factor in the Baidu search. So Baidu once again proposed to carry out special optimization in this regard.


[Page structure]


The page of high-quality structure should let users see the main content of the page firstly to be not disturbed when users get the main page information, and quickly find the requirement. Users can use the page layout structure to get a quick overview of the main contents on page of each module. To build a mobile page of high quality, you need to take pay close attention to two points:


1, basically, the page can be adjusted according to the size of the screen, the user does not need to scroll left and right. You also do not need to zoom and you can clearly identify the contents of the page.

1、 基本地,页面能够根据屏幕调整内容大小,用户不需要左右滚动,也不需要进行缩放操作就能清晰辨识网页的内容。

2, Secondly, the main page in the first screen and the center position. And the other content which is low correction has no interference in the body of the page. Baidu will crack down on the application of malicious popups / floating layer behavior. Depending on the size of the degree of damage caused by the user experience, in the results of the order will be reduced to the following: advertising covering the main body, dynamic advertising snatching users’ line of sight and the main body interspersed with advertising, and so on.


Page structure related examples are as follows:


[Page browsing experience]


Page browsing experience and page structure is closely related: if page structure is poor, browsing experience cannot be talked. If you want to provide users high-quality structure page and a better browsing experience, first of all:


1, The content of the text and the background color of the page should be clearly marked;

  • 页面主体中的文本内容和背景色应有明显的区分度;

2, the main content of the page text should have a choppy paragraph and good layout;

  • 页面主体中的文本内容应段落分明,排版精良;

The research results of mobile page browsing experience from Baidu user experience portion shows that:


1, when main content contains paragraphs of text, there are text font size recommended 14px and line spacing recommended 0.42~0.6 * font, text size not less than 10px, row spacing not less than the 0.2* name;


2, when the main contain many pictures, except for its quality, you should set the same image width and the uniform position.


3, while main content contains multiple text chain, text link name is recommended 14px or 16px: when name is 14px, longitudinal spacing is recommended 13px; when font size is 16px, longitudinal spacing is recommended 14px; the clickable area of text chain not less than a 40px;

  • 主体内容含多个文字链时,文字链字号推荐14px或16px:字号为14px时,纵向间距推荐13px;字号为16px时,纵向间距推荐14px;文字链整体可点区域不小于40px;

4, in other clickable area of main contents, the width and height should be greater than 40px;

  • 主体内容中的其他可点区域,宽度和高度应大于40px;

5, In addition, you need to pay attention to the interaction should be consistent and the same page should not use the same gestures to perform different functions.

  • 此外,需注意交互一致性,同一页面不应使用相同手势完成不同功能。

Page browsing related experience examples are as follows :