SEO Progress

Geting a batch of keywords; Choosing your SEO Prefered Landing Pages for each Keywords ; and finally Group all pages for keywords to track your SEO campaign performance;

Review your keywords;

Review your keywords;

SEO Progress 2

Optimize the SEO elements on site; and build a content plan for the relevent long tail keywords;

SEO Manage

Manage implementation of the success plan and monitor campaign performance when taking action on Backlinks;

SEO Ranking Anomalies

Track the Drop/Move anomalies and ajust your backlink statics.

SEO performance 1

SEO performance 2SEO performance 3

Measurement SEO performance with key metrics which better to include: 1)Actual website performance (visits and page views) 2) Keyword improvements which are strongly correlated with actual performance 3)Competitive comparison as measured by Share of Voice calculations