When we’ve modelled SEO for clients we can often see an immediate improvement in sales (or other KPIs) but it is usually just a step up (to reflect increased efficiency/higher ranking) rather than an acceleration in growth over the next 2 or 3 years (like we sometimes see in the LT with advertising). There is a growing opinion that while specifically targetted ads are more efficient (cut out wasteful frequency), they are less good at brand building whereas broadcast media (TV, OOH, Radio etc) may reach lots of people you don’t necessarily want to reach at that point but many of them may become customers – so you are building the brand amongst future possible consumers. SEO is about improving the ranking of your site – so, making it easier for people to find you when they are already looking for you (or your category)brand building is about making them want to look for you in the first place. So you might think of SEO as improving the efficiency of the journey rather than building the brand. It’s fair to say that the content you use on your website could have a longer term effect – so if you think of SEO as resulting in better content to get a higher ranking then there is a link there. Finally SEO would have to impact a large number of people for it to have a discernible effect on sales in the LT so this is another consideration to take into account – TV can reach millions of people in 30 seconds and so has the ability to reach a lot of customers and non-customers – I guess we should compare this to the number of people visiting the website – if it is only small then the impact will be harder to see.