1.Article Writing: With client’s raw materials to write high-quality unique content articles.
Why unique content is essential for SEO? Unique Content is a term that relates to search engine optimization (SEO). It means content is original and not duplicated anywhere else. Unique content plays a crucial role in search rankings because search algorithms rate unique content highly and can penalize websites for posting duplicate content.
2. Paid posting: we use paid posters to promote your unique content onto high-quality domains;
3. Ranked URLs performance monitor: monitoring which URLs ranking well on search engine result pages
4. Relevant long tails keywords monitor: monitoring which relevant long tails keywords might impact on the targeted keywords’ rank.
5. to increase Page Authority: according to the result of Ranked URLs performance, to post hundreds/thousands of backlinks for post URLs.
6. Relevant long tails keywords Ranking optimization: according to the output of monitoring relevant long tails keywords, to optimize long tails keywords.
What id long tails: Keywords can be short-tail or long-tail. Short-tail keywords are shorter phrases that have a generic meaning, for example, “men’s shoes.” They are also sometimes referred to as headwords. While long-tail keyword phrases are longer, more specific search terms that better describe a particular thing or concept, for instance, “cheap Gucci men’s shoes.” There is no distinct point at which a short-tail keyword phrase becomes long-tail – it’s all relative. So, the same search term can be said to be long-tail or short-tail, depending on what other words you compare it with.
Why optimize long tails? Besides long tails has Less competition, Substantial traffic, Better targeted traffic, Higher conversion rates, Great for highly competitive niches, Easier to optimize for, we do this due to long tails can impact short keywords ranking.
7.CTR behavior optimization:
Why optimize CTR? CTR data will affect the ranking. More people click the result, the higher the URLs ranking.
We let lots of people who are called the Internet Water Army click the targeted search engine result.
8. Keep observing and thinking.Patience is an SEO Virtue. The search engine is using Artificial Intelligence to update ranks, so the search result page keeps changing. Be patient on the fluctuations, assuming why this happened then testing and practicing.