Guidelines for Natural Keyword Insertion

Inserting unique, diversified and quality content is key to attaining and sustaining search engine rankings. For maximum SEO benefit, it is suggested to weave organic keywords into your URLS, web copy, blog post and press releases to improve search engine indexation

One of the guiding principles of SEO is this: what is good for the user is good for search. While it important to use the proper vernacular and keyword phrases with search volume, it is imperative to not stuff or over optimize copy in a way the appears unnatural or forced. In all cases, weave in specific and targeted keyword phrases in a natural and organic way. Above all else, the tone should mimic natural flow of language.

Using Keywords Organically

In addition, use related keywords, synonyms and grammatical variations to minimize redundancy in the copy. Search engines like Google and Baidu are able to determine the connection between synonym usage and other elements on the page to determine what a page is about. They don’t have to rely on the exact-match use of key phrases. If the keyword phrase will not fit naturally into context and feels forced, work toward using a few core terms in singular within the same paragraph. Don’t be afraid to vary the proximity of keywords. This will provide search engines ability to read and categorize the page content utilizing latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithms that use fuzzy matching to tie together terms.

Using The Keyword Book

A keyword book spreadsheet can provide you with robust keyword targets and their search volume to help writers understand and select from popular keyword terms. Simply use the tabs in the sheet to navigate to each segment’s keyword data.

Linking Internally to Deeper Pages

Linking internally to important resources adds value, improves user experience and positively affects site crawlability. This can also improve conversions for those that scroll to the bottom of the page and need direction on where to go next. When linking, use SEO friendly URLs. It is never advised to link words with no value such as “click here” or “learn more”. Any keyword phrase can be hyperlinked as long as leveraging and linking provides some value to visitor.

Here’s an example of how to hyperlink into the target term “keywords book using” with the target URL to improve inbound authority, visibility and click through:

Balabala context <a href=””>keywords book using</a> balabala context.