1. No ICP in China, then No Baidu V certification, thus no official site logo, plus no optinal language page navigation.

The Case:


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SEO Question 1: Part of traffic overseas ( Search term : USJ ) comes to the official JP site not to the optimal language page. For instance, when the Chinese guys search with “USJ”, they basically expect to find and land on the page in their language, though, currently client site cannot secure that.

SEO Solution 1: You can apply for Baidu V certification. Only in this way, we can make sure cn site in the first position.

Question 2 for “Baidu V certification” : Cost and Flow for Baidu V Certificate?

Answer 2 for “Baidu V certification”:  Baidu charges 600 yuan for one year. FYI: Website ICP Verification https://trust.baidu.com/vstar/official/intro?type=sm Baidu V Certificate Enrollment process is as follows.

        1. Apply  for  2. Check Information Qualification 3. Website ICP Verification 4. Finished

china baidu v cerification

 Question 3: So can I apply ICP as if my server located in Japan?

The Answer3 :  The issue is that that USJ website does not have ICP certification. Moreover, only the server’s website in China can get ICP validation. Because of this problem, the website cannot get Baidu V certification.
Question 4: In the case client judges to proceed SEO without V certificate, can you say client doesn’t expect any uplift from SEO perspective even if other SEO tasks are done.
The Answer 4: 
1V verification doesnt 100% influence SEO effect, without it  still can do SEO (sorry if I missed something in previous story) 2)   However, If client only has webpage on oversea sever, this will reduce SEO uplift space, because of Baidu gives higher authority on local webpages.


By saying of above points + client wont do local CN page in short term, the optional strategy for USJ SEO is offsite content seeding SEO:  publish UGC+BGC contents on 3rd party and push them to 1st pages, that will no need for clients to have local page and ICP.