1. Assign two unique keywords for one page. Make sure the keywords are 1) high-performing and 2)are related to the content of the page. The best-performing one will be your primary keyword.
2. Once you have mapped two keywords per page, write optimized meta-data following the guidelines below:
– The URL  should include the primary keyword when relevant and not exceed 80 characters.
– The meta-title must include the primary keyword and be between 45 and 60 characters. The primary keyword should appear at the beginning of the title. Make sure highlight the primary keyword highlighted with font in the meta-title.
– The meta-description must include the secondary keyword and, if possible, the primary keyword. It should be between 145 and 156 characters. The meta-description also has to contain a “call to action“, as well as a good summary of the page content. Make sure you highlight the secondary keyword in the meta-description.
– The H1 must include the primary keyword and not exceed 70 characters. Make sure highlight the primary keyword with in the H1.

Meta Optimization Example

– Image SEO: The ALT tag should be an accurate description of the image and include a relevant keyword. Highlight any keywords used. It cannot exceed 50 characters.

Image SEO