What’s the Privacy security policy of Baidu analytics tracking code

When you use Baidu’s products or service, the server will send cookie to your device. When you interact with the server (such as advertising or extension service, including the service provided by Baidu which probably appears on other websites) that we provide to our partner, we allowed the cookie or anonymous identifier to be sent to Baidu’s server.

Source: http://www.baidu.com/duty/yinsiquan.html

baidu tongji policybaidu tongji cookie policy

How to reject the Baidu cookie?

If you don’t want Baidu provide personalized promotion information to you, you can restrict Baidu’s use of cookie through changing the personalized configuration. The sets of personalized configuration tool will help you.

The cookie can be rejected by the below button URL:

Source: http://www.baidu.com/duty/safe_control.html

baidu tongji cookie policy

Why we using Baidu Tongji code?

Baidu Tongji is the most popular website tracking tool in China and it protection of the data security is guaranteed.

According the update SEO guide in recent month, in order to assist the user website page to be found by search engine and to improve the crawl rate, Baidu Tongji initiated automatic and real-time url submitting function.

Only if we use Baidu Analytics tracking code, the web pages’ URL will be submitted to Baidu search engine immediately and automatically  when they are being visited, which enables web pages don’t need to wait for being found by search engine crawlers any more!

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4168875553

baidu tongji cookie policy baidu tongji policy 3