Baidu Tongji is a free professional website analysis tool launched by Baidu that can tell you how could users find and browse your website.

For SEM, if we only focus on the SEM data, data from Baidu Fengchao directly are enough for SEM reports. However, for projects which are doing both SEO and SEM, then Baidu Tongji is necessary. Then it all depends on if the website has already a Baidu Tongji account or not. Baidu Tongji is accessible only with two types of accounts: Baidu Union and Baidu Ads.


Baidu has at least 3 types of accounts: Baidu passport (Baidu Baike, Tieba, Zhidao, etc); Baidu Union (Baidu Tongji, Zhangzhang), then Baidu Ads (PPC, Display, Brand zone, etc)


If you had already a Baidu Tongji account for a while, then you can open an Ads account for Baidu SEM, so there have two accounts to Baidu Tongji, however, data they have in the current Tongji account will not be able to be transferred to the Ads account, so the Ads account has no previous data.


Then if  has already an Ads account, then we can get access to Baidu Tongji directly with the Ads account, without need to create a distinct Baidu Tongji account. Then even if they stop the Baidu campaigns in the future, they can always continue to use the Ads account for Baidu Tongji.


There are four advantages:


  1. It can help you understand the page views, clicks. Through these data, you can evaluate the effect of website promotion;
  2. It is helpful for the site optimization because you can know which websites have a poor visit volume and need to be improved.
  3. It can help you to understand behavior of visitors, so that we could provide a better user experience.
  4. It can help you analyze the user environment configuration, for a more targeted website design.


Baidu Tongji can be very convenient to understand your site page views and click rate, that is, you can understand whether the user experience is good or not. If the user experience is good, then your ranking will be better.

baidu tongji