As we know, HTTPs highly improves the security of the website, which is a primary ranking factor of Baidu, so it is essential to do the transferring regarding SEO.

It would take a couple of days to complete Baidu webmaster settings and 3-6 weeks to see the completion of HTTP URL replacement in the search engine result page.

Although Baidu claims that it favors HTTPS site in ranking, traffic would still be lost according to the experience, transferring site from HTTP to HTTPs. However, if the transferring submission is satisfied, and the redirect is set correctly, the traffic should recover soon.

Thus, measures would be introduced to avoid any risks of traffic drop (usually the number would be around 15%).

https Baidu SEO

  • Actions to take in transferring
  1. Before successfully transferring from HTTP to HTTPs, https pages shouldn’t be crawled by the spider, which would cause the duplication of pages. Therefore, we would suggest that you should seal the HTTPs site and close the 443 port.
  2. During the period of transferring, Qualcomm HTTPs site should be available for visiting with the status code of 200. Otherwise, the transferring would be failed and the traffic would drop.
  3. Ensure all HTTP pages (pictures) set 301 redirects to HTTPs pages respectively, avoiding duplication of content.
  4. After succeeding in the transferring, HTTP to HTTPs 301 redirect should be retained at least for three months (Baidu, 2017).
  • Actions could take after transferring: It used to happen that the content of the HTTPs page would not be crawled by Baidu spider. To solve this problem, it is suggested to guide Baidu spider and user to HTTP and HTTPs sites respectively if it happens.